TV/PC/Laptop/media integration, I need some advice

  diche 18:16 04 Sep 12

Hi, I am not a total beginner but looking to setup a type of system I know nothing about.

I need to buy a new computer, TV and music player. I think it might make sense to set up an integrated system.

The research I have been doing has led me to subjects like: NAS, Raspberry Pi, Media centres, Smart TV etc.

But the jargon is confusing and I could really do with a beginners guide to the subject.

Any help gratefully received :)

  diche 12:37 05 Sep 12

Hmmmm, plenty of views but not much by way of answers,, maybe I need to be more specific. Here is a scenario of how I might use the system.

I want to be able to use my TV, laptop or pad to access a home system that will stream relaxing music to the speakers in the bathroom, whilst playing a movie in the lounge and allowing someone in the bedroom to access the internet and save the documents they are working on to a central location for later access by another device. Oh and just for fun let's say I want to record an episode of my favourite programme at the same time.

Is this possible? Can you point me in the direction of some people who can tell me what I need to achieve it?


  difarn 16:18 05 Sep 12

I came across this when I was on another forum - a media server. It may do all of the things that you want but I am not an expert on these matters.

XStreamHD Media Server

  diche 16:42 05 Sep 12

Thanks for the reply, I will definitely need some sort of server but whether it is a dedicated media server or a RAID or a NAS I really don't know. I don't really understand the difference between them.

My current research is about DLNA which seems a promising avenue. Initially I really just need to know what specs I should be looking for in peripherals like TV and laptop to ensure that they can be integrated as I build a smart network. I am coming to the conclusion that my aim is possible, but may not be easy and it's certainly not available off the peg at a sensible price.

I have learnt a lot in the past 3 days, but I have a long way to go

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