tv...dvd... freeview connections

  Hucky 17:48 19 Feb 09

Hi...i am trying to set up this for my tv...can u tell me wat scart leads etc go where.. many thanx!!

  eedcam 18:17 19 Feb 09

it will help if you give some more details as to what you have .Basically its freeview box scart out to tv and then scart out to whatever else say a vhs recorder .The dvd player goes scart out to another scart socket on the tv.As said say what you have

  Technotiger 18:32 19 Feb 09

My own setup with Freeview, DVD, VCR, TV is ...

a daisy chain of scart cables starting with the freeview box, then to VCR, DVD, and TV in that order. Each of these items do have two scart sockets.

The same daisy-chain with the TV aerial from the roof to freeview box, then to VCR etc.

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