TV, Video and Xbox - please help

  Toon_Army 12:10 13 Jul 04

Sorry this is non PC technical help, i dont make a habit of posting irrelated material, sorry.

Anyway, my TV remote is broke and i cant tune in the TV manually. Anyway ive just connected my Xbox back up to the TV via scart, and my Video Scart is connected from TV to Video. Anyway, when my TV is turned on, if i switch the Video on it automatically goes to Aux1 in which the Video's VHS is playable ok. The problem is, i need to connect to Aux2 mode in order for the Xbox to play.

Problem is, the TV wont auto tune into Aux2 like it does with Aux1. I've had all wires placed in completely different orders and didly squat happens with the Xbox tuning. Ive read its manual, went through all menus on the TV with no luck.

I used to use the TV remote to switch to Aux2 but now its broke i cant get into it. What i thought though, was that if I can get Aux1 to autotune, i figured i straight swap of Scart's should get the Xbox to autotune in - but it flickers - badly.

Appreciate any links, help, suggestions thanks!

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