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TV tuner for monitor?

  gplatt2000 14:48 11 Jan 04

Hi! I have been looking at tft monitors for sale - however, I would like one withan in-built TV tuner, but have found these to be much more expensive.

What I would like to know is, is there something like a 'box' which the monitor can be plugged into, which recieves TV signals enabling me to watch TV on the monitor (preferbaly with a remote control)?

Any help much appreciated, thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 14:58 11 Jan 04

You can get a PCI card which goes into the PC and which allows you to watch TV on your monitor - they cost from about £30 upwards; some receive digital if you have a good aerial. Do a search on, for example, dabs or ebuyer for tv tuners.

  ton 14:58 11 Jan 04

You can put a TV card in your PC. These start at about £30,

  Stuartli 14:59 11 Jan 04

There are a number of graphics/TV cards which will do what you require, some being produced by specialist Hauppauge:

click here

Other features can include Teletext, Nicam sound, remote controls etc.

Most big retail outlets, as well as those online such as Scan, sell the brand.

  ton 15:07 11 Jan 04

I've got the Hauppauge WinTV Go (about £30), it works well, excellent picture, any size picture or full screen.

click here

The TV tuner is in the monitor, not the PC.

  gplatt2000 15:23 11 Jan 04

Thanks for hose quick responses people! However, sorry but I forgot to mention - I have looked t these cards but for them to work the PC muct be switched on and Windows running (I think anyway) - I want to know if there is something like an external box which makes the monitor work as a normal TV, with no need for the computer to be switched on?

Thanks again and sorry I forgot to say that!

  tafoody 15:35 11 Jan 04

"Watch TV on any monitor without a PC!
Works with LCD, Plasma, Projector or any standard CRT monitor with a VGA input" click here={295092F8-8B13-486E-930A-4F7CEB211DE0}

  tafoody 15:36 11 Jan 04

try again click here

The one I posted doesn't need the PC to be on.

  gplatt2000 15:50 11 Jan 04

Thanks a lot Tafoody that seems to be just what Im looking for!

And also thanks Graham, but I have seen the monitors with in-built tv tuners but they seem very expensive, and not a large choice (I would prefer to get a chep screen and then buythe box to watch tv)

Thanks again everyone!

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