TV on Tablets

  kram77 20:45 28 Feb 13

I want to be able to watch downloaded TV programmes on BBc IPlayer and maybe SkyGo when I'm at the gym. Can I do this on a 7" tablet and if so which ones....

  john bunyan 21:40 28 Feb 13

Not sure of others, but on the iPad you can download Apps for BBC iPlayer, ITV and 4oD. Unless the tablet has a SIM card and you sign up for roving, you need to be in a wi fi hotspot to view programmes.I think other tablets have a similar facility, but look up the tech spec of the one you want. You can buy adapter leads (HDMI) to connect to a HDMI endowed TV to view in full screen.

  muddypaws 08:40 01 Mar 13


I have the app 'TV Catchup' from Google Play on my N7.

There are a load of stations you can watch more or less live, but don't think you can go back in time like iplayer..

iPlayer obviously needs wifi and the dearer N7s have 3G. I can watch it over my home wifi.

With TV Catchup I found I had to switch off my adblocker for it to work.

  northumbria61 18:35 01 Mar 13

I don't think there is an App. for Sky-Go.

  Woolwell 20:29 01 Mar 13

There is an app for Sky Go but you need to check which Android devices are supported. Sky Go supported devices.

  compumac 20:58 01 Mar 13

I had Sky Go on My Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it functioned OK, but became an expensive luxury - I mean Sky Go


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