tv out problem

just hooked tv up to tv out problems is it in black and white monitor fine screen smaller but i asume it met to any ideas y in black and white

take alook at orginal post may help

click here

please help

  stalion 21:00 18 Sep 04

someone else recently had this problem and setting the tv to receive svideo solved it consult your tv manual

thank you stal ny idea on why no sound + add problem for anyone else do chek manul for setting your tv to s-video

  stalion 21:38 18 Sep 04

if you type (tv out) in to the search section there are a lot of threads on this.Regards

  stalion 21:51 18 Sep 04

sound you need to run a lead from your sound card to the red and yellow inputs on your tv

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:18 18 Sep 04

TV needs to be set to recieve svideo.

gfx card tv out needs to be set to PAL.

  SEASHANTY 11:17 19 Sep 04

Many TV's have inputs for composite video and sound
using RCA phono input sockets. These are usually coloured red and white for stereo sound input and Yellow for the composite video input. The usual
S-video lead just carries the video info so you may
have to use a separate twin lead to connect the sound to the TV RCA phono inputs.

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