TV out - no colour on TV screen, only B & W

  Allexie 21:45 20 Jan 04

I want to watch films, downloaded onto my hard drive, on my T.V. I've managed to get a good B & W picture and good sound to run on the T.V. but cannot figure out how to get colour. I have nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440 64MB DDR + TV out and connected to the TV with an S-VIDEO & STEREO audio capture lead. I have also tried connecting through a switch scart plug. Can't find any info anywhere that helps. Can anyone help me please, I am quite new to computers so please bear this in mind. Many thanks. Allexie X

  Gaz 25 22:11 20 Jan 04

Use Nview, it is in options in the Settings for the Graphics adapter.

Configure for a second monitor as a TV, it may ask to restart and should be Colour then.

  Gaz 25 22:11 20 Jan 04

If you need anymore help, please let me know.

  DieSse 22:38 20 Jan 04

Does your TV have svideo capability - if not, you will likely see your picture in B&W - as you are.

  ton 22:40 20 Jan 04

Make sure you are set to PAL (if UK).
Mine was defaulted to something else when I first used it and pic was black & white.

  woodchip 22:40 20 Jan 04

Sounds like it's set to USA instead of PAL. I have forgot the letters for USA it's N something

  Mike ® 23:22 20 Jan 04


  DieSse 23:54 20 Jan 04

NTSC - usually known a Never Twice the Same Colour. ;-))

  johnnyrocker 23:56 20 Jan 04

click here will solve your prob.


  Big Elf 14:51 25 Jan 04

You'd be better ticking your new thread as resolved and continue in the one.

From the other thread:

"Still no joy in getting a colour display on my home TV. How do I get to check on the default TV-out setting? My computer documentatiion says is set to PAL transmission but I'd like to check. Gaz... you suggested using Nview and gave me some instructions as to how to do it. Could't get there!!! (Using Windows XP for my sins. Any other ideas or suggestions please? It is sending me doo-lally watching films on my titchy monitor! Cheers, Alexandra"

  hugh-265156 15:05 25 Jan 04

tvtool as suggested by johnnyrocker is supposed to fix the b&w picture problem some nvidia card owners have.

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