TV Out

  Dazwm 18:38 26 May 03

I have tv out on my computer but the lead that was provided will not connect to the TV anywhere. What do I do and where do I plug it in on the TV?

  Ironman556 19:00 26 May 03

What output is on the end of the lead? If you've got an old TV you may need a converter to RF type plug (the type the aerial uses).

  Dazwm 19:03 26 May 03

It has five pins similar to a mouse connection and my tele is reasonably new (1-2 years old).

  Ironman556 22:26 26 May 03

Some cards have outputs and inputs. Does the 5 pin end connect anywhere on the graphics card, and enable you to connect the other end to the TV?

(Sorry for the delayed response)

  MikeB. 23:02 26 May 03

The lead you have is an S-Vhs (sometimes called s-video) lead if it has the 5 pin on both ends then you need an adaptor to scart, probably best to buy a complete s-vhs to scart lead.

Then you will need to find out which of your tv's scarts can accept s-vhs quite often it's AV2.

Sometimes the tv's Av button will directly select it ie AV2-S, other times it's in a menu, occasionally as long as your using the correct socket it's automatic.

Hope this helps.

Has the lead got the S-Vhs lead on both ends?

Mine didn`t and I had to buy a converter for it to fit the S-Vhs input I had on my telly (check if your TV has a S-Vhs input).

P.S. In the end I found it was probably more trouble than it was worth, never use it.

If its to play DVD`s then I would reccomend getting a cheap stand alone DVD player `cos the quality will be much better and probably wont cost a huge amount more than the leads you need.

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