martin 21:21 03 Dec 04

If you have a freeview tuner is it possible to connect it to a Iiyama Monitor if so ,how please.

  SEASHANTY 00:33 04 Dec 04

TV on your PC click here
The freeview TV output on most boxes is via scart
sockets and not many PC's are equipped with scart inputs. The easiest way would be by using the Avermedia or Hauppauge DVB PCI cards or USB DVB tuners.

  TonyJover 00:38 04 Dec 04

Note that TV is broadcast INTERLACED, but PC monitors (and plasma displays) display a PROGRESSIVE image. This means that you will get interlace artifacts (a kind of jittering) when viewing TV on a PC screen.

Just something to be aware of.

Tone :)

  Tim1964 01:08 04 Dec 04

Do you plan to connect the Freeview box directly to the monitor?

I've been trying to find (a low cost) way of connecting a DVD or PS2 to a TFT for use in the car. The methods above obviously work but involve connecting hardware to a PC. I've found this click here but with Christmas rapidly approaching I'll have to see if any of my Christmas present have the Queens head on them LOL.

  TomJerry 02:56 04 Dec 04

there are many available similar (better) to one suggested by Tim1964

Avrmedia has excellent one. You can fins one from and etc etc.

The current issue of Computershoper has a review.

  Migwell 08:12 04 Dec 04

I have BB 256 through Tiscali and have no problems with the speed of conecting with other sites I visit. When trying to surf through this site I find I only get 1/4 the responce rate to that of others. What is the problem, can the server at PCA not handle as much use as others or do you need a replacement as it is getting to old.

Do any others have this problem or is it just me?

  martin 09:09 04 Dec 04

many thanks for your help it`s of to MAPLIN I go.

  Stuartli 10:10 04 Dec 04

If you go to click here
you can buy the TwinHan VisionPlus DTV ter PCI Freeview card for just over £50 including delivery; it's also HDTV ready if and when it ever comes to the UK.

Both picture and sound quality are first class and it's much cheaper than the Hauppauge equivalent - apparently the driver is the same.

  Stuartli 10:12 04 Dec 04

You seem to be getting a bit confused - the thread has nothing to do with your posting.

  SEASHANTY 11:36 04 Dec 04

The Avermedia link is here
click here

  SEASHANTY 12:25 04 Dec 04

For use with CRT monitors (non LCD) this gadget apparently supports TV without having to have the PC also switched on.
click here

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