tv on laptop

  1973scotty 12:02 25 Oct 06

hi thinking about getting a new acer lap but can i buy tv card for a laptap which will allow me to pick a signal while iam workig away

  moorie 12:09 25 Oct 06

when your working away will you have access to rooftop aerial?

  Technotiger 12:11 25 Oct 06

Hi, this is what you need, but shop around on-line I know you can find the same thing cheaper.

click here


  1973scotty 12:45 25 Oct 06

hi dose this only pick up digital signals what if in an aera which can not pick up digital signals.

  moorie 12:52 25 Oct 06

the freecom one is a digital stick ie freeview channels,you will need a hybrid analogue/digital one to recieve both but must add the aerials are basic and unless your in a good signal area they wont pick up,so with ref to working away will you be indoors access to aerial point,wagon driver in cab?or....

  GEEKSTA 12:55 25 Oct 06

you can get a USB stick type that pugs into the side of your laptop which will pick up TV signals quite well. as Technotiger said look around and get the cheapest but good quality.

  Technotiger 13:00 25 Oct 06

For Digital and Analogue -

click here

  1973scotty 13:39 25 Oct 06

will ne mainly in doors while traveling, just want to be able to watch or record tv shows.

  moorie 18:10 25 Oct 06

1973scotty,ive been trying to do the same thing,in my experience i can watch it in the car(stationry) using the supplied aerial,sometimes 10 chanels ,others 30 etc a bit hit or miss,inside zilch!unless connected to a rooftop far as im concerned its all about signal more than quality,if you cant get a signal it doesnt matter how good it is

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