TV Cards - possible performance issues?

  NinkyRudes 12:22 13 Feb 03

I am looking to add a Winfast TV2000XP to my PC. Not having had any experience in the field before, I was simply wondering how well it will perform in my machine. I run a Celeron 700Mhz, 128Mb PC100 SDRAM, 5,400rpm 20Gb HDD, PCI Radeon 9000 64Mb (Hercules), and an IBM 17in monitor.
I have only two questions:

1. Will the picture be smooth running full-screen?
2. Will my PC be capable of recording/pausing TV broadcasts at acceptable quality?

  Lú-tzé 19:07 13 Feb 03

1 - the picture quality should be fine full screen.

2 - I am not sure about your ability to record tv - your pc may not be up to the job and you will need a lot of hdd space.

  bremner 19:10 13 Feb 03

As Lu.. says the first concern would be, that out of your 20GB how much is left for storing the captured image.

  davidg_richmond 22:50 13 Feb 03

got an advent 3054 600mhz p4, 256Mb PC133, 20Gb HDD on Win ME. Hauppauge WinTV Card with FM Radio in.

these cards display smaller than screen size which is a disappointment, as my really old card from 1997 did full screen.

find it v difficult to get video to record for long periods of time (longer than 3 mins) without a system lock-up. driver updates etc have no effect. encoding video in TMPGEncoder is no problem but slow, so its not a hardware issue with the PC as far as i can tell

you may have more luck with a newer card but then again...

  davidg_richmond 22:51 13 Feb 03

thats 600mhz p3 before anyone gets pedantic!!!

  Patr100 23:07 13 Feb 03

The WinTv card should display Ok in full screen without any problem - I assume you have set it to "TV mode" so if it doesn't do so that's unusual. Your aerial signal strength more than anything else is likely to affect the picture quality but that's unconnected with the card itself.

  davidg_richmond 23:11 13 Feb 03

just reset the card to 'allow resolution change' in TV Mode and its gone fullscreen. and guess how long ive had it?? 2 years! cant have looked hard enough for that setting.

cheers patr100!! i can now use my x-box thru it at a decent screen size

  NinkyRudes 21:04 15 Feb 03

I just went and spent £25 on a Pinnacle PCTV Rave, sending the signal through a good Nicam VCR and a Hi-fi. The picture quality is perfect at full screen and I still get lovely stereo (no thanks to the card!). I don't care about video capture really - the VCR is a brand new £200 Sony. Thanks for the advice, this thread is now resolved.

  NinkyRudes 21:06 15 Feb 03

P.S. Sky Digital Plus is pretty handy for pausing live TV! Much easier than using the PC.

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