TV Cards - Any Suggestions?

  mad2477 18:06 04 Apr 03

I'm looking for a cheap TV Card, can anyone suggest one. I don't want to spend more than £40-ish, i want a reputable brand, and i want to be able to connect a external VCR up to it. I have been looking at a Pinnacle one and a Hauppuage one, but they aren't clear on whether you can attach a VCR to it.

  €dstow 18:12 04 Apr 03

The results obtained from these things are seldom satisfactory. Save your money and put it towards a real television set.


  mad2477 18:18 04 Apr 03

really? why are they so bad, they claim that they do not put any pressure on the computer and work just fine? It is for my sister who is at uni, she won't want a TV and a computer?

  lixdexik 18:27 04 Apr 03

for instance jordan_richard_barnard. If you use the search facility at the top of the page, type tv in one key word box and video in the other, select all postings and threads you will find dozens of threads on the subject.

hope this helps....Cheers Lixdexik

  lixdexik 18:29 04 Apr 03

that was suposed to be a link to a thread, it should have been a click here thingy. I will try again for you.


  lixdexik 18:32 04 Apr 03

Tv Cards.

  lixdexik 18:33 04 Apr 03

try again

  lixdexik 18:35 04 Apr 03

click here


  lixdexik 18:36 04 Apr 03

that is just one of 60 plus threads on the subject.

Cheers lixdexik.

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