tv card

  kenamb 20:31 06 Sep 06

I have just bought a usb digital tv card and it wont find any channels. Im using a kworld usb 2 dvb-t 300u
external unit.
Has anyone have the same prob.
Ta ,

  howard63 20:33 06 Sep 06

you need a very good aerial.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 06 Sep 06

what aerial are you using?

try connecting to your main aerial and retry.

  kenamb 20:42 06 Sep 06

Im using a sky box

  howard63 20:50 06 Sep 06

you do not get the correct signals from a sky box for the usb stick it needs a good terrestial aerial.

  bruno 20:56 06 Sep 06

You can get an RF signal from the back of a Sky box.

  bruno 20:57 06 Sep 06

Saying that I know nothing about a USB stick,so my post may be wrong.

  Stuartli 21:01 06 Sep 06

You should be able to connect a TV aerial via the USB stick's own aerial - however a wideband TV aerial is required to ensure receiving all the Freeview TV and radio channels.

  Rigga 08:51 07 Sep 06

If you are connecting to a Sky box are you expecting it to receive the sky channel?

If so the problem lies in the USB stick you purchased. If like you state it is a "usb digital tv card" then the key word is digital, the RF output from your sky box is analogue, so your digital USB stick cannot receive it.

It should however be able to receive Freeview channels, in which case see all the above replies re the aerial.


  Graham. 10:24 07 Sep 06

Put your postcode in click here to see if your location can receive digital.

  ArrGee 10:50 07 Sep 06

As Rigga has suggested, you should be able to receive the Freeview channels with a good ariel connected directly to the stick.

I have a K-World DVB-T 310U stick, which is connected to the RF2 Out socket on my Sky+ box. As pointed out by Rigga, the RF outs are analogue. The stick that I'm using is a hybrid, so it can pick-up digital as well as analogue.

Using this and the HyperTV software provided with the stick, I can record my Sky programmes to my PC's hard-drive.

Seeing as you have just bought it, maybe you can take it back and exchange for a hybrid version.

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