turning on security on Netgear Wireless Router

  patrickbuckley 16:58 05 Feb 07

I have just seen the program on BBC about Identity Theft including access to unsecured wifi home networks. When I turn on my laptop, it tells me that my network is NETGEAR and is 'unsecured'. How do I turn it into a secured network?

  JamieC 17:02 05 Feb 07

I've got a Netgear router and I think you just log in to your router and enable WEP/WPA encryption and MAC address filtering. That might make it more secure.

  howard64 17:23 05 Feb 07

you have to connect to your router my netgear is 192 168 0 1 and there is a security section within the setup wizard for wireless security.

  SANAP 17:40 05 Feb 07

I have netgear as well. I use windows xp so I started that and it generated a key, I then copied this key to the box in the router under wireless settings and put a tick in box for wpa-psk. When u start the laptop it will ask for the key u put in above. It should remember it for future log ons. As a point of note any other wireless enabled device will have to use the same key and as it is so long and encrypted u are now secure.

Post back if still lost as I was for a while. Works a treat now.


  isca2 18:54 05 Feb 07

Log on to your router and then click on Wireless Settings. Click on the WEP (Wired Equivelency Privacy ) option button. Click on Authentication type and select Automatic, Open System or Shared Key, depending on the config requirements of the WiFi adapter on your network. If you select Automatic, the router will generate a shared key ( 3 actually) which you can select.You then type in a passphrase of your choice and the key will be sent to the router. You can select 64-bit or 128-bit encryption. Click on Apply to apply the WEP settings to the router's configuration. Any other pcs/adaptors on the network must have the encryption key applied manually so that they can join in the network and "talk" to the router. Hope this helps.

  wjrt 21:32 05 Feb 07

when you get the choice use WPA rather than WEP security and you will get much better protection and can set a code up to 64 characters long

  Al94 21:39 05 Feb 07

I just turn on access control and enter the MAC addresses of the trusted pc's I allow to connect. No one else can then connect wirelessly to the router.

  PalaeoBill 21:51 05 Feb 07

If you want to take it to the extreme. Change the name of your router, then they don't know its a netgear. Change the IP address. Many routers use so set up a different one. Change the login id and password.

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