Turning power OFF when booting.

  wotbus@ 18:44 18 Sep 07

I have always read and believed this to be a bad thing :-(
In the Quickstart guide of my friends laptop (Toshiba Satellite L30), in order to install a memory module it states clearly in the first paragraph:- "Set the computer to boot mode and turn off the power".
This is contradicted slightly in the manual under Troubleshooting > Memory expansion.
Here it states:- "If an incompatible module has been installed, follow the steps below:
1 Turn off the power.
(the remaining steps are the same as in the Quickstart guide.
As I am installing for a friend, a matched pair of 2x1Gb to replace the 512Mb which is insufficient for Vista (it runs mega mega slow), I would like to get it right first time :-)
Any advice would be welcome and thanks as always.

  DieSse 18:54 18 Sep 07

Whenever I change items in a laptop, I believe in a "belt and braces" approach.

Viz - turn of the power, unplug the charger, remove the battery.

  wotbus@ 19:28 18 Sep 07

I agree, and it's probably what I would have done if I hadn't read the bit about putting it into boot mode before switching off! Seems a bit strange to me to power up then power down before the boot has finished, and lets face it - the whole purpose of the boot sequence is to recognise all the hardware amongst other things. Also, when it is powered up after the modules are inserted, it will begin the whole boot process again!
Maybe I have missed something but I feel cautious enough about it to post this thread.

  wotbus@ 21:40 18 Sep 07

Small problem with the installation and have emailed Crucial for advice. Pending their reply maybe someone out there knows the answer.
The laptop runs with either of the 1Gb modules in either of the two memory slots.
It also runs with either of the 1Gb modules and the old 512Mb module, but it will not boot past the following error message if I insert both of the new 1Gb modules:
"The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum doesn't match the computed checksum".
The setup shows 1.9Gb which is about right so what can cause this?

  woodchip 21:48 18 Sep 07

If I was you I would follow what it says, Although I agree with your thoughts

  wotbus@ 21:58 18 Sep 07

Hi woodchip, I just couldn't bring myself to switch the power off while it was booting but I may have to sooner or later but not until I hear from Crucial or someone here on the forum.
Strange thing is - both slots and all 3 modules are proved but it just won't hackle with the 2 newies!

  woodchip 22:02 18 Sep 07

Well I have done it with no harm. It would do if it was in windows as it would be writing to the disc. But in dos environment it's not writing to the disc. that means booting as not reached the stage of loading windows

  wotbus@ 22:05 18 Sep 07

OK, I'll will give it a go. I forgot to mention the laptop is running Vista.

  woodchip 22:09 18 Sep 07

To turn off just press and hold the start button

  wotbus@ 22:12 18 Sep 07

Well I tried it by the book and the result is the same. May try and find a link to MS Error Messages ;-)

  wotbus@ 13:28 19 Sep 07

I am still awaiting a response from Crucial and couldn't find anything on the MS Knowledge Base. Anyone?
Could it be that some sort of dual channel working has to be enabled in the Setup when fitting a matched pair of memory modules?

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