Turning on laptop wi-fi

  iconoclast 20:30 03 Sep 08

I have just acquired a used laptop (running XP). Turning on wif-fi is via a switch to the front of the machine and this is recognised by an on-screen message. However, no icon has appeared in the task bar and there is no indication of the wi-fi as a network connection in the control panel. Something, somewhere needs to be turned on so that the laptop can talk to my wireless router. Any suggestions would be helpful

  peter99co 20:38 03 Sep 08

You should see a small tv with a signal symbol on the bottom right with all the other icons. A right click will show a pop-up with options

  Taff™ 20:49 03 Sep 08

Start>Connect To> Show All then right click the Wireless connection. Under the General Tab tick the box to show in the taskbar. (I think, because I`m on a Vista machine at the moment)

  Taff™ 20:50 03 Sep 08

Ah! Go to Control Panel and then Network Connections then as above.

  woodchip 21:40 03 Sep 08

If it as WiFi it will say so in Device Manager. Right click My Computer\Properties\Hardware\Device Manager

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