Turning off a Laptop, right way/wrong way?

  clock 12:26 07 Dec 05

I know this seems a silly question, but, I was helping my silver surfer friend clean up her Voyager 6000 Laptop (Windows ME loaded), yesterday, and apparently I closed it down incorrectly??

I clicked Start, Log off etc., as I do for my Desktop PC, and it shut down OK but she told me I had done it wrong and closing the Laptop lid/screen is the correct way?

It seems she was right! When we started it up again Scan Disk started immediately and said an improper shutdown had occurred which might have damaged the Disk drive and it was checking for problems. None found thank goodness!!

Just curious,- can anyone out there put me right please!


  De Marcus™ 13:33 07 Dec 05

You have nothing to fear, you did everything correctly, as did your friend. Laptops by their nature have many different ways in which they can be configured to shut down, mine for example is as you describe, however it can be configured to shut down, hibernate, go into standby when I close the lid, such as your friend seems to be.

  Belatucadrus 13:35 07 Dec 05

I'd have thought you were correct, most laptops have switches that turn the screen off if you close the lid, but I've always seen it as a safety feature rather than the primary way of shutting a laptop down.
I'd have used 'Turn off computer' rather than 'Log off'. But would suspect that the cause of the auto scan disk lies elsewhere.

  De Marcus™ 13:40 07 Dec 05

Unless of course, you logged off and just pressed the power button - that might explain the scan disk?

  Ikelos 13:42 07 Dec 05

best not to close the screen shut on the laptop till a least a bit of the heat has gone. the heat from a latop can be fairly high, and it will do the screen no good at all....

  woodchip 14:39 07 Dec 05

Doing it your way is the correct way Closing the lid just hibernates the computer and can create problems if it's done that all the time. Shutting down through start can clear a build up of problems

  ade.h 17:10 07 Dec 05

Agreed. My screen-switch is configured to trigger Standby, which I often use to save power. My laptop runs very cool, so this is safe to do, but as Ikelos wisely points out, perhaps not so good for a laptop that gets very hot. Powering down either from the Start menu or from the power button (if it's configured that way) is the safest method. Due to the options available, every laptop is different.

  clock 17:35 07 Dec 05

Thanks everyone who responded to my query, (sorry I said log-off, I meant turn-off), all the replies were interesting and constructive. I will pass them on to my friend.
I really enjoy reading the forums and have learned a lot from them.
I will consider this item resolved now.


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