Turning off the hard disk

  graham√ 10:27 02 Jul 03

In XP Power options I can set it to turn off the hard disk after a time. I assume it is not being used whilst browsing (or on here) or with Freecell,etc. When AVG kicks in, or I look for a document, presumably it will start. If it is not being used, is there any point turning it off?

  Sir Radfordin 10:31 02 Jul 03

Your hard drive will be being used nearly all the time you are doing something. Browsing the net will be putting cookies and temp files on there, and things like AVG will be running in the background and may write/read files.

Powering down the hard drive is (IMHO) always a good idea. It will mean there is more chance of it failing and its often when coming back up that you have problems. Things may be better in XP but under previous Windows incarnations this options has often caused the PC to freeze forcing a cold reboot.

Perosnally I don't think you will gain much.

  graham√ 11:09 02 Jul 03

'Powering down the hard drive is (IMHO) always a good idea'

I don't think you wanted to say that! :-)

  Sir Radfordin 11:32 02 Jul 03

Fair point...but you know what I mean!

Should be "Powering Down the hard drive is (IMHO) not always a good idea" or something to that effect.

  graham√ 15:27 02 Jul 03

Thanks, I'll leave it alone.

  Bodi 16:09 02 Jul 03

Well left is better than clean bowled eh? lol


  graham√ 16:37 02 Jul 03

Thankyou, watching the tennis, then?

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