Turn Off / Restart problem

  trispen911 09:31 27 Oct 06

Oddly, when I go to Start - Turn Off - Turn Off (or Restart) nothing at all appears to happen. It isn't a delay, 'cos I've tried leaving the machine in that state for a long time. However, if I carry out exactly the same procedure again, immediately or later, it works correctly. Every time!

Not a problem, as it always does perform on the second attempt, I just wondered if anyone had any idea why it does this (or doesn't)?

PS XP Home with all updates, SPs etc.



  ArrGee 09:59 27 Oct 06

Try running a diagnostics application. This is a free one that I use, and works well:

click here

  trispen911 14:59 27 Oct 06

Thanks for the suggestion, Arrgee. Tried that one (plus Registry Mechanic and several others)and checked for spyware, virus etc. Everything tells me no problem, but still it does it. As I say, it's not a real problem, just interesting.

  ArrGee 09:43 28 Oct 06

Does the machine also do this in Safe Mode?

  trispen911 10:12 28 Oct 06

Ah dunno, actually. I'll give it a go a little later when I've finished what I'm doing & come back.


  trispen911 08:22 29 Oct 06

Hi, sorry for delay.

No, it shuts down normally in Safe Mode. I presume (being ignorant) that this means it's something running that is causing it to play up?

  ArrGee 09:35 29 Oct 06

Yup, you are probably right. You can isolate the problem by checking your start-up applications, turning them off and then turn them on one by one until you have found which is causing this.

Go to Start - Run - and type in msconfig, then OK

The new window that appears will have a 'Startup' tab. Click on this and click on Disable All.

Run throught the boxes and make sure that ctfmon, rundll32 are clicked (assuming you are running XP with Office, otherwise uncheck ctfmon if you are not using Office).

Then it's a process of elimination to track down what is causing the problem by going through the process again and checking the boxes one by one after each restart.

  trispen911 10:03 29 Oct 06

Thanks for that, my friend, I'll give that a go. Now, where did I put that large sheet of paper and sharp pencil....

Again, many thanks

  Probabilitydrive 10:32 29 Oct 06

Alternatively go to click here and view the MS route.

  trispen911 11:20 29 Oct 06

Thanks guys, I've found no less than 16 that appear to be causing problems and don't seem to have any importance in Startup; at least, it's working so far.

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