turn my pc off

  dwhiteley 19:17 18 May 03

when got to start button then to shut down nothing happerns i have to turn off at frount of case can some 1 explain in simple terms as i dont no much on here

  powerless 19:20 18 May 03

What Operating system are you using? Windows XP, Windows 98?

This is good to know as it will help to find the problem.

  powerless 22:00 18 May 03

"i got windows xp home"

ok, if you click here and have a read what it says, if you think it applies to you then you will have to install the Service Pack 1.

To find if you have this installed go to Start > Run and Type: winver

Now click ok and a window will open if you see "Service Pack 1" in this window then you have it installed if you do ot then you do not have the service pack installed.

click here to downlaod the updates it may take some time. Do not downlaod this update "Q811493" it is known to cause your computer to slow down.

If you have the service pack already installed post back.

If you have the service pack installed then

  powerless 22:01 18 May 03

on the last bit.

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