Turn off computer

  Curio 14:37 17 Nov 03

Using xp SP1.
Last week computer decided that i had to carry out the'Start, Turn-off computer, Turn-off Computer' procedure twice in order to Turn-off the computer.
Have done a SFC,checked power management and a Norton System check. All to no avail. Anyone else had this problem? No other problems whilst using the PC.

  pj123 15:13 17 Nov 03

Strange you should post this thread today as I have just received my Issue 127 Christmas 2003 edition of PC Answers through the door. In it, on page 6 a research team from Standord University California reckon it is better just to pull the plug out to switch off rather than go through the correct procedure?? Anyone else read this yet, and if so what are your comments. I don't have XP, so I don't have any problems shutting down.

  Curio 19:22 18 Nov 03

For pj123.
Tried pulling the plug expecting to have to scandisk when I restarted. Not so. PC booted without any problem but my original problem remains. Still open to any other suggestions

  hugh-265156 19:31 18 Nov 03
  interzone55 19:45 18 Nov 03

Do you have your HDD formatted as NTFS or FAT32, if it's NTFS the file system is much more resilient so doesn't need to run scandisk after incorrect shutdown.

One point though, if you just pull the plug any data in memory is lost, and it can screw up your pagefile (virtual memory).


  DieSse 19:50 18 Nov 03

Just pulling out the plug is extremely silly. If the drive is writing at that time (and with Windows you can never guarantee that it won't be), then you risk corrupting files and/or the file system. However resilient the filing system you can't guarantee nothing will go wrong.

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