Tungsten T3 + Outlook

  Sir Radfordin 19:51 20 Jul 04

Tip: Never try and sort out problems for people who have hardware you've never seen! Even worse when they are 200 miles away from you!

Anyone offer some basic pointers on getting a T3 to sync emails with Outlook?

Have got the calender/task list bit working but the emails seem to want to go via VersaMail which isn't what is wanted.


  Sir Radfordin 08:32 21 Jul 04


  stlucia 09:10 21 Jul 04

I've just got a T2 and installed the software to synchronise with Outlook. I selected Outlook as my default, instead of the Palm Desktop, but it still installed four bits of software onto my PC so far as I can see -- Chapura Settings (which allows me to specify the defaults for synchronising with Outlook), Palm Desktop, Documents-to-go, and Quick Install.

I don't use any email function on my Palm, but on looking at the error log after I've done a successful synchronise of diary, notes, telephone list, to-do, etc. I see a note that "VersaMail has not been configured on the handheld" and "make sure VersaMail has been used at least once". So far as I can see, VersaMail is Palm's email software, and is used to send/receive email via a mobile device. From what I see, it won't synchronise unless you've used it -- in other words, you can't just download all your Outlook emails onto your Palm to read on the train. Maybe I'm wrong on this. According to the "Read this first" abbreviated booklet you need to read the Handbook which is supplied on a CD-ROM for more information.

  Sir Radfordin 14:21 21 Jul 04

Life was made simpler by someone at work buying one of these things so I had to work out how to set it up anyway. For future reference there are settings within Versa mail from the desktop software that allow you to configure Outlook. Not very obvious!

  stlucia 16:13 21 Jul 04

Oh yes, I see it now. As you say, not obvious!

  Sir Radfordin 00:13 22 Jul 04

Wouldn't have been able to 'guess' that was how you did it unless I had it in front of me!

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