gra80 19:31 24 Jan 06

I have a ASROCK 939 DUAL motherboard in a THERMALTAKE TSUNAMI VA 3000 case, I have connected the cpu fan to the correct place and have one `case fan` 3 pin connection left on the board.

The Tsunami case fan has two large (I think molex) connection blocks plus a SMALL BROWN PLUG on the end of a single yellow wire (3 pin) coming from the fan, does this brown plug (with same shape as cpu fan plug) fit on the remaining case-fan connector on board and would the single yellow wire also power the fan or do I use all connectors!!!....What does this small plug do please with only the one yellow wire on it?

Anyone know, thank you.

  ICF 19:47 24 Jan 06

This Monitors the speed of the fan I think.

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