TR/Zlob.7687160 [trojan removal help needed please

  just learning 18:37 26 Jun 09

Hi i posted about this trojan that was found by avira antivirus . I actually thought i had got rid of it but its turned up again on virus scan. I have formatted my laptop, turned off system restore and its still there ???
I am runng windows xp home, ie 7 I have antivira, super antispyware, spybot and ccleaner . I really dont understand why it is still turning up on avira as none of the other programs find it but it does appear to be in the system recovery section. Please can someone advise me how to get rid of it completely ? It is causing problems with how my laptop is running !! Is there another program I can use tog et rid of it ? Thank you christine

  Clapton is God 21:04 26 Jun 09

Try turning off System Restore (the trojan may be caught between restore points).

Then download, install, update and run a Deep Scan with click here

  T I M B O 22:45 26 Jun 09

Scan with this >> click here and make sure you scan in safe mode and set it to FULL scan

  beynac 10:13 27 Jun 09

This program should always be run in normal mode if possible, otherwise it is not fully effective. Only run in safe mode if it won't run normally.

  p;3 21:19 27 Jun 09

Have you yet run the Malwarebytes program in Normal Mode ? Did its report flag up anything?

And what have you yet done with System Restore?

  just learning 22:50 27 Jun 09

Thank you everyone for all the advice i managed to find the trojans locations and copy and pasted the name in search options in system files and then deleted it . Then ran the software suggested and it has gone completely . I turned system restore off and it does appear to have gone . Its not showing up now on avira or the malaware scans. thank you very much for all the help . was at my wits end as i just coulent get rid of it . regards christine

  p;3 14:10 28 Jun 09

If you have fully updated and run each of these 'nasties-finding ' programs Superantispyware, Malwarebytes, Spybot ; plus you have fully updated your antivirus program and run a full scan with it and all scans appear to run clean??

If all appears to be clean you ought now to turn System Restore back on plus I suggest give that Restore point a good description :))

  p;3 14:13 28 Jun 09

you seem to have a duplicate thread here

click here

  just learning 23:50 28 Jun 09

Apologies i thought i had to post anew thread as originally i did think the trojan had gone . I have run all those programs apart from superantispyware . I did run kaperskys online scanner as well and that was also clear .
Can you please explain to me what you mean about giving the restore point a description ? I thought you just turned it on I didnt know you could give restore points description ?
thank you

  Clapton is God 16:17 29 Jun 09

Just give it a name. The first name/word that comes into your head.

It's no big deal

  p;3 18:36 29 Jun 09

You can give the Restore point an appropriate name ....on mine it might be 'did automative update..ran MAWB' so I can identify what I did on that day on the computer if I need to go back TO that Point ....

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