trying to remove adobe 5

  merc. 19:57 09 May 04

have upgraded to adobe reader 6 from 5 which has still left reader 5 on comp. tried to uninstall through add remove from control panel when uninstall starts the message, file is not valid or the data has been corrupted uninstallation will not continue.

is ther any other way to remove it

PS should I have removed the old 5 before installing 6


  reddwarfcrew 20:20 09 May 04

I have 5 & 6 on my pc. if it's not causing you a problem, then just leave 5 on there (you can obviously delete the shortcut from your start menu if you want.

  merc. 20:43 09 May 04


Have deleted the short cut from the desktop as you say it is not causing any prblems just thought it would have over wrote the old 5 adobe when installing the version 6.

thanks any way.


  Lofty73 21:07 09 May 04

Odobe seems in my experience to write a complete new file when it installs but you may find that uninstalling it now will make your new version not work when you click on acrobat files.
Have you tried uninstalling 6 then 5 and reinstalling 6 bit of messing around but may work


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