trying to put names to phone numbers!!

  second best 19:10 27 Nov 03

hi, not a computer related problem, but you may be able to point me in the right direction with regards to software or something. i live with 5 ppl, and our phone bill, although itemised is getting harder to decipher. we, or i need to find out who the numbers belong to, in regards to banks or whatever. does anyone know of anything i can use to find this out?

  justme 19:25 27 Nov 03

I believe what you want is illegal in Britain!

One way is to phone each number and when they answer they will usually tell you the firm's name. If they don't then ask them who you are talking to.

Ask the 5 ppl to write down the phone numbers of banks, relatives, etc. Enter them in Excel, then you can easily call up the details.

Or, one of you get a job with BT.

  second best 03:15 28 Nov 03

thanks you guys. without trying to sound ungrateful, i'm well aware of what ewe are supposed to do. we decided to rig te numbers anyway, all sorted now. will have the same numbers on the next bill tis all, but we've made a note of them now :) thanks again.

  Stuartli 08:36 28 Nov 03

Go to click here - it provides such a service.

  Sir Radfordin 10:22 28 Nov 03

Ah the joys of a shared house!

My advise is write down the numbers you call as you go along and then match them up to the phone bill. BT and Telewest both provide bills in CSV format so you can import them to excel.

When I had this task to do I would sort by phone number, then pick of the obvious locations based on where I knew my housemates lived.

I'd then search for the numbers they said they had dialed and allocate those. Then sort by date/time and worked on the basis that if you called a landline and then a mobile within seconds of each other it was usually the same person making the call.

After 3 years its amazing how good you get at doing such things!

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