Trying to move a page....

  Paddylad 15:29 02 Sep 10

When I left click and hold the button down to move a page sideways all that moves is the outer frame. How do I correct this please?

  birdface 15:39 02 Sep 10

Try right clicking Menu.customize.
Enable context menu's and dragging and dropping make sure it is ticked.Apply Ok.

See if that helps.

  Paddylad 15:47 02 Sep 10

Sorry, didn't help.

  Noldi 15:59 02 Sep 10

Dont you have to click and hold on the blue band at the top of the page or do I misunderstand your question.


  birdface 16:00 02 Sep 10

Try.Right clicking my computer.Properties.Advanced.Setting and make sure show windows contents while dragging is ticked.Apply.ok.

  birdface 16:02 02 Sep 10

That was on Windows7. XP or Vista may be a bit different but in just about the same location.

  Sea Urchin 16:16 02 Sep 10

What page and which application are you talking about? Are you trying to move a window?

  Paddylad 18:21 02 Sep 10

Thanks for replies.
Noldi you are correct,you didn't misunderstand
buteman unfortunately that doesn't work either but dont stop trying. My OS is XP.
Sea Urchin any page at all.

  Paddylad 18:46 02 Sep 10

I've just tried to go into Control Panel and discovered that it was missing. Yes, missing. It wasn't in it's usual place after I hit the Start button. So I had to decide on a Restore, after which my PC is back in order. I can again move pages to my heart's content. Thanks for the help, always appreciated on this forum.

  Sea Urchin 18:51 02 Sep 10

So if Noldi was correct then you were referring to moving windows. A page would be one of several pages in a document in Word for example.

  Paddylad 19:21 02 Sep 10

Of course you are right. I sometimes get a little mixed up with the phraseology, but always seem to get where I'm going in the end.

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