Trying to learn the basics of building a webiste

  canderous 03 Jun 12

I believe I have a great idea for a website and I am looking to build it in my free time.

The trouble is I don't have a clue what I am doing. I have Dreamweaver CS6 but I can't get anywhere with it because I don't know where to start. I have tried looking for tutorials and helpful forum posts but I can't find anything that helps too much.

If anyone has any links or advice they could offer me that would be greatly appreciated. I really just need somewhere to start.


  Forum Editor 03 Jun 12

It can be a steep learning curve to begin with, but if you stick at it you'll find things getting easier.

Click here for a good tutorial it's for an earlier version of Dreamweaver than the one you have, but that won't matter.

A word of advice before you begin....

Sit quietly and work out how many pages/sections your site will have, and arrange them architecturally - that is, draw a diagram a bit like a family tree, with your homepage at the top, and lines connecting it with sub-pages. Add extra pages to the sub pages as required. Remember that each time you connect one page to another it will represent a mouse click for a site visitor. The trick is to try to design a site in such a way that navigation is fast and easy - people will expect navigation to be intuitive, they don't like having to work hard to find what they want.

Once you've got an idea of site layout you can start building - it will make the job much easier. Get the layout design and site structure done first, and add text and image content later.

  canderous 04 Jun 12

Thank you so much for your post. That link is very helpful!

If I encounter any problems I will post something in this forum again.

Thanks again!


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