trying to install wireless printer

  Old Geeza 28 Dec 11

Eveing all, I am trying to install a HP photosmart 5510 as a wireless printer. It has connected with my router and network but my laptop cannot see it. I have checked that the firewall is allowing it and have disabled my anti virus but still not working...I have connected using the usb cable and it prints via that but not wireless, any ideas please

  morddwyd 28 Dec 11

It's a couple of months since I used an HP printer, but a peculiarity of HP is that the printer must be connected to the network before, repeat before, trying to install it.

Remove all HP software (you might have to complete this manually), remove all connections (except wireless of course) and then install the printer using the normal install procedures through Control Panel.

You should be able to print once you have done this.

Then install the software to get all the HP bells and whistles.

  TonyV 28 Dec 11


My sister is having exactly the same problem as Old Geeza, so I have sent this page to her to have a look at and see if she can get it working. Her problem appears to be acceptance of the Router password. The numbers on the back of the BT Router are not being recognised. She has tried two numbers including the Admin password.

Hopefully, by following your details it will be OK.



  rdave13 28 Dec 11


Lord knows what is going on with the site today but I'm having problems. Any way if this posts then I agree with Morwydd, let Windows install the generic drivers, you need to connect the USB then switch on the printer. Let Windows use the 'found new hardware' wizard and then show that it 'sees' the printer in device manager. Reboot and once logged in install the DVD/CD that came with the printer.


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