Trying to burn files to dvd(DVD Flick)

  hiwatt 18:41 PM 17 Jul 13

Hi folks. I'm trying to burn a dvd of.mp4 files to play in a regular dvd player. There are 26 files in total each around 20 minutes in length.The total size of the folder is 3.21gb so I thought they should all fit on to a single 4.7gb dvd? When putting them into dvd flick to convert after 12 files it's saying that it's 100% full and showing as over 4 hours long. Do I need to compress them to fit them all on to one single dvd?

  mart7 19:09 PM 17 Jul 13

I would think compressing them would reduce the quality,best if you use a dvd9 dual layer disc or split the files up onto two dvd 5 discs

  Number six 23:04 PM 17 Jul 13

26 x 20 minutes = 9 hours. If you want reasonable quality video, around two hours is the maximum you should put on one DVD.

  hiwatt 23:34 PM 17 Jul 13

Thanks folks.I was thinking in terms of size of the files rather than length/time of them.I ended up putting 11 on a single disc and the quality's ok.Thanks folks.


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