trustworthy site?

  geedad 21 May 11

I have come across a website (vapidsoftware), selling OEM software at greatly reduced prices. Has any member bought from this site, and if so, are they trustworthy? geedad

  Nontek 21 May 11

I have never bought from this site, but I do believe they have been tested by McAvee and found to be genuine.

  geedad 21 May 11

Nontek Many thanks, seems too good to be true, but I will trust them. geedad

  Woolwell 21 May 11

Do you understand what OEM means? That is software to be installed on new systems. I can only find one page for a USA site. Is that the one? I cannot find an address or telephone number. What happens if there is a snag?

I wouldn't buy from them. If it seems too good to be true then it usually is.

  buteman 21 May 11

Nothing I have found out about vapidsoftware would make me want to buy anything from it.

If you could actually copy and paste or give us a link to what they actually sell may help.

But at the moment I would keep my money in my pocket to be on the safe side.

  lotvic 22 May 11

according to ClickHere "receives 608 unique visitors per day, is worth $328 USD and generates $2 USD of income daily. It is given a rating of 27 out of 100, due to its low performance.. According to its IP address ... the server is hosted in Russian Federation..."

  rdave13 22 May 11

Sounds like a no-no then.

  lotvic 22 May 11

or even a no-no-no-never

  daz60 22 May 11

All coming out of the Russian Fed,names and numbers here.

link text


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