Trust MI-7570K laser mouse

  Digital 17:40 24 Sep 08

I'm trying to install a Trust MI-7570K laser mouse on my XP PC. I followed the very basic installation guide but couldn't get the PC to respond (the Device Manager does see the USB transmitter/receiver). I exchanged the mouse at the retailer but that one doesn't get any PC response either. Trust support simply referred me to the installation sheet. Has anyone got one of these mice to work with XP?

  woodchip 18:23 24 Sep 08

Have you first pressed the button on the receiver then quickly press the one on the bottom of the mouse. It will not work without you do this

  Digital 18:58 24 Sep 08

Thanks Woodchip, I've tried that but get no response, the receiver flashes quickly for a while then returns to continuous on.

  Technotiger 19:33 24 Sep 08

Have you got the receiver/transmitter plugged into a USB Hub? If so, try it directly connected to tower USB port - especially if the Hub is non-powered!

  Digital 20:24 24 Sep 08

Thanks Technotiger. I have it plugged into a Trust hub as the original tower USB ports are in use, maybe I can swap things around to free one. I have tried uninstalling my existing mouse & the basic mouse & even unplugged it but although Windows Device Manager sees the dongle I cannot get any response from Windows in the way of mouse movement. According to the Trust website there are no drivers which surprises me a bit, all my previous Trust mice needed drivers. I'll try again when it's raining & I have an excuse for not gardening!

  Terry Brown 20:42 24 Sep 08

Try this link for trust mouse drivers.
click here=

Good luck

  Digital 22:42 24 Sep 08

Thanks Terry, no joy there, looks like it isn't supposed to need drivers.

  woodchip 11:37 25 Sep 08

It will need drivers if it as more than three buttons as the buttons are programed into the driver so you can change use of these. Microsoft will only provide a Generic Hide driver. So that it runs. Have you tried using the Add New Hardware Wizard in Control Panel?

If not I first suggest you remove any Yellow Icons in Device Manager. You can Have a PS2 Wired Mouse in while you have the USB Laser Plugged in. It will work with more than one mouse. Like a Laptop Touch pad works while a mouse is plugged in

  Digital 17:00 18 Oct 08

Thanks everyone. In the end I gave up & took it back to Morrisons & got a refund - then ordered a Logitech model! Pity, I always trusted Trust but with that level of support...

  AL47 17:03 18 Oct 08

thats pretty poor support,

logitech, microsft, razer are pretty good,

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