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  Pesala 14:38 10 Jan 03
  Pesala 14:38 10 Jan 03

How do I adjust the following parameters to ensure that the default leading of my fonts is exactly 12 points at 10 point font size?

The following values give a default leading of 11.57 points at 10 points

Units / em = 2048
TypoAscender = 1491
TypoDescender = -431
TypoLineGap = 307
WinAscent = 1854
WinDescent = 500

  jazzypop 16:50 10 Jan 03

I am no expert in fonts, but I understand that MS and others recommend 2048 units/em. This will give a 'square' font, i.e. a 12 point font will have a leading of 12 points.

You are trying to achieve a font with an apparent height of 10 points, plus 2 points leading?

Your values do not add up to 2048, (1491+431+307=2229), nor 120% of 2048, which would be 2458. I suspect that if you increase the TypoLineGap value so that the total height = 2458, you will hit your target.

click here and scroll down to the diagram about halfway down the page for the 'conventional' dimensions. I presume that your font design program would have a method for automatically adding additional leading to give a precise gap. If not, the information you need will almost certainly be found at click here

  Pesala 18:11 10 Jan 03

Thank you for trying to help. The diagram in the first link is helpful. My fonts don't have Open Type features though, they are just ordinary Truetype fonts.

I increased the TypoLineGap to 536 to give a total of 2458, which, as you say, should give the desired result. I reinstalled the font, but it had made not one iota of difference.

Here are the values for Times New Roman:

Units per em = 2048
TypoAscender = 1420
TypoDescender = -442
TypoLineGap = 307

1420+442+307 = 2169
This gives a default leading of 11.5

PageMaker Classic calculates default leading at 120% of the base font. This default can be changed to 130% or whatever. Ten point text is seldom set at 10 points.

Many (Mac-originated?) fonts use 1000 units / em. Recommended values are 1024, 2048, 4096 etc.

  Pesala 19:08 18 Jan 03

I still cannot work out a solution to my default leading question. I have read the theory, but I am not sure that I understand it. Does anyone know the practical side of font editing?

  Pesala 19:06 24 Jan 03

Another week gone by, and it seems no-one can answer my question. Is the explanation not clear enough?

  Pesala 17:40 12 Feb 03

I am still searching for a solution to this one. I have tried the obvious places like the High-Logic Forum too, to no avail.

Surely someone else edits Truetype fonts?

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