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  Noels 18:41 16 Aug 04

I'm just about to change my computer for all sorts of reasons. As a silver haired old wrinkly, and sec to several local organisations I use " Office 2000 Professional" which I bought for about £400 give or take £50 in about 2001.
I have just been told by the suppliers of my new computer that because I bought and registered the programme tho my old computer I can't download and use it on my new computer. I will have to buy a new "Office Professional" for my new computer. Is this so??

Regards to everyone


  VoG II 18:43 16 Aug 04

Assuming that you still have the disk and product key, simply remove it from the old one and install on the new one.

All legal and above board.

  JayDay 18:44 16 Aug 04

They are talking ?*!!??**. You are licensed to use it on one machine. If you choose to take it off one machine and put it on another thats fine.

  Noels 18:47 16 Aug 04

Thank both I hoped thats what you woul say.
Regards Vog and & Jay Day


  bremner 18:47 16 Aug 04

If you have a full version which you bought and you have the disks and are not leaving it on the old machine then as far as I understand it there is no issue.

You have the licence to have this installed on one machine. The licence does not tie you to one particular machine unless it is an OEM copy.

  Noels 18:48 16 Aug 04

Thank both I hoped thats what yould say.
Regards Vog and & Jay Day


  Noels 18:48 16 Aug 04

Thank both I hoped thats what yould say.
Regards Vog and & Jay Day


  Noels 18:49 16 Aug 04

My Tie Pins Gettin Awfull


  Kate B 18:53 16 Aug 04

Hmm, could that piece of advice from your supplier be anything to do with a desire to sell you an expensive full version of Office 2003? Even if you do want the update, you can do it as a (much cheaper) upgrade: as VoG suggests, install your Office 2000 on the new machine then buy the upgrade

click here

but you can probably find it cheaper elsewhere.

  Old Shep 18:54 16 Aug 04

They are telling you a load of bull. The only problem you will have is on your new computer which I assume will have XP. Just put in your disk and install, if there are any problems go to Office update site and download the latest updates. As Vog says there is no reason to worry if you bought it and have the registration key.

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