True Image 7.0 and dvd

  Rocker 14:59 22 Sep 06

hi i got a free acronis True Image 7.0 cd from a mag cover but i cant get it burn a image to a dvd anyone know if this can be done.thanks

  GroupFC 15:11 22 Sep 06

From memory, I don't think burning to DVD is supported, only CD - of course I may totally wrong!

  rawprawn 16:00 22 Sep 06

I am on TI 9 now but I am sure there was no problem burning to CD, but I can't remember if it burned to DVD. I have just read GroupFC post and he may be right. Look on support at Acronis.

  rawprawn 16:09 22 Sep 06

click here scroll down to This software will copy images to CD or DVD and read it

  rawprawn 16:11 22 Sep 06

This software will write image files to cd’s or dvd’s. Writeable DVD's must be formatted with packet writing/UDF software (Roxio’s DirectCD or Ahead’s InCD, among others). Formatting is not needed for CDR/RW's. Acronis plans to implement direct recording to unformatted DVD's in the future.

  Eric10 16:34 22 Sep 06

True Image 9 will burn directly to DVD but your version 7 won't. click here. I always used to create images to a second hard drive then copy them onto DVD.

  Rocker 19:43 22 Sep 06

thaks for all your help formatted the dvds useing DirectCD now woks fine.

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