Is this true?

  User-1159794 19:08 29 Aug 07

Your modem should be as close to the broadband entry point in your home as possible. If you're on ADSL Max up to 8Mb, moving your modem closer to the faceplate can increase your internet speed by up to 3Mb.

I am getting on average 3.88 Mb/s download and upload is about 0.42 Mb/s, and my router is about 50ft from the entry point.

  setecio 19:13 29 Aug 07

Is it always true : NO

Can it sometimes be true : YES

It depends on the quality of internal wiring used and the connections. The only way to find out is to try, and unscrew the mastersocket faceplate and you should fine a test socket to use which will give you the best possible connection within the house.

  BurrWalnut 19:16 29 Aug 07

I don't think a few feet make any difference whatsoever.

Admittedly, with the extra staples that are needed for longer distances, there is more chance of the cable being 'squashed' and the signal impaired a little.

  User-1159794 19:49 29 Aug 07

Will have a look at that.

Don't use staples,I use rounded cable clips,a size larger than the cable so not much chance of squashing.

Thanks folks.

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