troubleshooting RAM

  fourret 19:43 06 Aug 07

what is the best way to troubleshoot a PC (XP) that should have 2 gig RAM but system says it only has 1 gig?

  DieSse 20:41 06 Aug 07

1. - Check the RAM visually - to see that it's correctly inserted into it's sockets, and to read off the modules as to what they are labelled as.

2. - Run a system check (eg Everest click here ) and check what it says about the RAM.

3. Check the motherboard specification against the type of RAM fitted.

4, Report back here what the results of the above are.

  fourret 12:44 07 Aug 07

Thanks for your reply. It turns out I paid for 2 gig and only got 1. Thanks Cube. I should have opened the box ealier but I'm a bit nervous. thanks again, I feel like a twit>

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