Trouble setting up a home network :(

Well I expect those of you who have been helping me over the past month are not surprised to get this thread!
I have spent the last two hours trying to set up a network using the Set Up wizard in Windows XP SP2. I have looked on, and used advice from, the microsoft website, to no avail. I have also tried the Netgear website.
Basically I have a PC and USB Connected printer (Canon Pixmas IP 5000)upstairs. The PC has broadband internet access via the Netgear DG834GT Modem/router, which wirelessly transmits to my laptop downstairs, which has a WiFi card installed.I am using WPA encryption and also Run Norton, internet security on both PC and Laptop.Both PC and laptop currently have good broadband access.
I would like to create a small home network, so that I can use the printer upstairs,with the laptop downstairs. I would also like to access documents and files from each computer whilst on the other.
I have tried running the set up wizard, but on the PC upstairs, I was confused by the question, "Does the PC connect directly to the internet or via a resident gateway" I plumped for gateway. It said I had to create a set-up disk, but for some reason it only shows my card reader and floppy disk drive, to save to. Drives D & E are not present and there is no browse function.The laptop doesn't have a floppy D.I saved to floppy and tried copying to the D or e drive, but that resulted in an error message which said that the source was" in use" !
I am also confused about whether I should be using the "Create a small home network" or "Create a wireless network"
Your help and advice would be VERY much appreciated, especially if you explain it to me as if i were 5!!

P.S. My Network places is not visible on the laptop, and wheni tried to access the computers in the workgroup in My Network places on the PC, i got an error message saying they were not available and i might not have permission to see them.

I figured it out for myself!! (swells with pride!)

  retep888 15:38 20 Oct 05


Your problem may not be a problem to the experienced users, but it may help other beginners.

If you have time, please tell us how you do it.

It was a basic mistake really. I thought about the problem and figured it had to be to do with the Firewall so I switched off the Windows one (which I hadn't set to "on" anyway!) and then opened up Norton and double clicked on the Firewall tab. That showed further tabs including networking, so I clicked on that and configured Norton to recognise and exclude the network connection. I was then able to see the PC so I went upstairs, right clicked the folders that I wanted to share and clicked on sharing & security. I ticked the Share this folder box, and also to allow changes to be made. I could then see all the folders so I switched on the printer and on the laptop I chose add a printer and then chose the option which was for a networked printer. The PC was found on the network as was the printer, so I added it and it is accessible now!

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