Trouble with Nero

  TommyRed 19:44 10 Jul 03

Got a problem after fitting extra RAM. First off, D: and E: drives (DVD-ROM and CDRW) disappeared, pushed all connections near RAM slots and drives and they re-appeared. When the lad came to burn a CD, Nero crashes before the CD is burnt. Used 4 CD?s up to now, luckily cheapies from ASDA. Any idea what could be going on. My OS is 98SE. Cheers

  -pops- 19:47 10 Jul 03

"luckily (?) cheapies from ASDA"

That may be your problem!


  User-312386 19:55 10 Jul 03

sounds like to many programmes are running in the background

go to start>run type msconfig

now look on the "startup" tab and see what programmes you can stop running by unticking them

dont stop programmes that you dont recognise


p.s. How much RAM have you now got installed?

  Mango Grummit 19:56 10 Jul 03

Yup, madboy may be on the case. Shut down everything before starting. If still got probs come back,

regards, M

  TommyRed 20:03 10 Jul 03

256Mb, updraded from 128Mb. Those cheapies from ASDA have always worked before.

  User-312386 20:05 10 Jul 03

i am wondering if it may be a faulty RAM stick?

  perpetually-perplexed 20:06 10 Jul 03

ive burned 1000s of cheap cd-r from asda. always ok
sounds like lack of resources

  Megatyte 20:09 10 Jul 03

Have you tried a test run(without actual burning)?


  TommyRed 20:12 10 Jul 03

madboy33, Do you think it might be worth taking out the memory stick and trying it?

  User-312386 20:13 10 Jul 03

you could try a mememory tester, it is a free utility click here

Unzip the file, put a floppy disc in the "A" drive and then double click on intstall file

now when that has been carried out, restart computer and the memtester will cut in

It should take about 25 minutes to complete

  User-312386 20:14 10 Jul 03

yes remove the new stick and see what happens

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