Trouble loading XP Pro for the first time

  ianbn 23:39 25 Feb 03

I have just built a new PC using a PCchips 810 motherboard and 1700 AMD Athlon K7 processor. The system has cdrom, 40G Maxtor HDD (7200 rpm) and floppy drive. I have set the BIOS to boot from CDrom first. On booting windows loads some files and then puts the message up "setup is starting windows". At that point all disk activity ceases and the computer appears to hang up. Whatever settings I try in the BIOS I cannot get beyond this stage. Any thoughts gratefully received!!

  AndySD 23:42 25 Feb 03

Have you turned the bios virus checker off.

  ianbn 20:53 26 Feb 03


The BIOS doesn't indicate there is a virus checker. Where should I be looking for it?


  AndySD 10:35 27 Feb 03

Ok can you tell us the exact model of the motherboard and your graphics card and the wattage of the Power Suply?

But to go on with take out all but the floppy, hard drive, Graphics card and 1 stick of ram and try again.

  MAJ 10:44 27 Feb 03

Sorry if this sounds silly, but you say it says "setup is starting windows". How can it start Windows if you haven't installed it yet? Or have you?

  froggg 11:47 27 Feb 03

If this is the version of xp pro,that I think it is-wink wink-I could only get it to load as an upgrade ie install 98se etc,then use install option(not upgrade)xp pro to overwrite.

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