Trouble connecting mobil phone to PC

  Pinochio 15:52 15 Aug 03

This is probably a stupid question but....

I have connected my mobile phone to my PC with a cable connected to the PC's serial port (comm 1). Unfortunately, my PC doesn't seem to reallze that the phone is there. There is no indication that anything is connected to the serial port, and when
I try to run software designed to make changes to the phone's settings, I get an error message saying "connect the cable to the phone".

Do I need some software for this, or what?

Grateful for any help

  hugh-265156 16:10 15 Aug 03

Do I need some software for this, or what? the serial port enabled in the bios?

  Pinochio 18:26 15 Aug 03

Yes, it is enabled. If I do need software, anyone know what kind?

  hugh-265156 20:42 15 Aug 03

whats kind of mobile? make/model no. and your OS please.

  brambles 21:15 15 Aug 03

I have a Nokia phone & the software came with the phone & accessories. Mine too is connected via the serial port.

Mine is a WAP phone - perhaps that makes a difference.

I would go on to your phone manufacturers web site & you should be able to find out.


  Pinochio 01:12 16 Aug 03

Thanks Brambles. I didn't get any sofware with the phone but its an old one (Phillips Savvy) and not a WAP phone. I've tried e-mailing the Phillips web site but they don't seem in a hurry to reply.

Huggyg71, the OS is Windows 98SE. Can you offer any further advice? Thanks.

  goonerbill 09:14 16 Aug 03

go to this site. i know it works with nokia's plus other phones not sure about yours though but its worth a try.

click here

  goonerbill 09:22 16 Aug 03

looks as if my link to software wont work with your phone.

have a look at this link. ya may find something that will work with your phone.

click here?

  Pinochio 15:52 25 Aug 03

Thanks Goonerbill. Unfortunately, I can't find any software that will unlock it.

Having spent many hours looking and failing to find anything, I think I am going to pay someone to unlock the phone and save myself any more bother.

  tbh72 15:59 25 Aug 03

click here

Second link on the page is the software you require

  john-232317 16:32 25 Aug 03

On my nokia lead there is a little switch F or M, mine has to be on M or it cannot connect to phone to use unlock proggie.

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