trouble burning DVD / Windows movie maker

  eddiejackr 16:39 28 Feb 06

I am just starting with a digital camcorder and a Dell PC which has a DVD writer. At the moment I'm using Windows movie maker to download from the camera. Problem is I can't seem to get the film copied to DVD. The PC has Roxio software pre-installed - should this handle it? It doesn't seem to want to.

  Barrie_G 18:16 28 Feb 06

Check that the file that you are trying to burn is able to be burnt as a dvd.

  eddiejackr 20:16 28 Feb 06

OK, but how do I do that?!

  GroupFC 22:30 28 Feb 06

Windows Moviemaker doesn't support burning to DVD.

If you are using Moviemaker to capture camcorder footage, what file format did you select when capturing?

Have you edited the footage and do you still have it as a moviemaker project (i.e. a file with the extension .MSWMM) or have you finished/saved the movie and if so what in format have you saved it?

Have a look at these sites click here and click here, which will give you loads of info. about MovieMaker. I particularly found the mightycoach site very helpful when i first started using MovieMaker.

  David4637 17:26 02 Mar 06

WMM is NO GOOD for making a DVD to play on standalone DVD Player. You have to use some other S/W otherwise it will take you an age to process. David

  GroupFC 21:04 02 Mar 06

WMM doesn't support burning to DVD so you can't use that alone to make a DVD.

However If you make a movie and save it to your HD, as a .avi file, you can then use other s/ware to encode and burn the DVD.

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