troj_revop.a keeps coming back

  dawnyworld 22:04 16 May 04

hi again i have a virus as above ive run the trend update an fix as im useing pccillin but this stupid virus keeps comeing back any ideas

thx DW

  dawnyworld 22:18 16 May 04


  romanab 22:22 16 May 04

You could try turning off system restore, my computer>system information>system restore>tick the box. Reboot, run scan and remove virus, reboot then turn system restore back on.

hope this helps.

  mikef. 22:23 16 May 04

Disable system restore, run scan again, reboot, and then re enable system Restore. That's where it Will be sitting.

  stalion 22:29 16 May 04

try here click here insructions on how to remove it.Regards

  woodchip 22:35 16 May 04

It obviously not been removed when you think it as, it's hiding on your hard drive somewhere

  dawnyworld 22:56 16 May 04

right tryed them not in registry were its suposed to be :(

woodchip i think your right but how do i find it ??

  stalion 23:08 16 May 04

if you can quarantine this with pc cillin does it not tell you where to find it?.Regards

  woodchip 23:11 16 May 04

Are you loading it back on from a backup of some sort, from disc's or from another drive

  dawnyworld 23:58 16 May 04

pccillin tells you were it is and deletes it but when pc restarted it reapeard several times .

ive just download a programme called hijack this

wich when run came up with a load of suspect registry keys so i deleted the ones wich didnt look right and it seems to have cured it from reloading

how now will i find if its backed up somewere else as ive run a few virus checkers and get the all clear .

  stalion 00:04 17 May 04

the post I gave you earlier was to remove it from the registry.You will have to see if it stays clear or not lets hope so.Regards

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