Trojans in e-mail virus vault

  toofy 16:44 09 Sep 07

I have just had my pc cleaned by Malwareremoval. I am again getting e-mail virus Trojan (Dropper) which is dumped in the virus vault by AVG Free. Does this mean something in my pc is attracting the trojan or is it sufficient to just delete the items in the virus vault? Thanks.

  mfletch 16:50 09 Sep 07

Hi, Do you know who the infected email is coming from? Block it,


  toofy 21:13 09 Sep 07

How would I know who is sending it without clicking on it? On one, the sender is listed as MAILER DAMEON, the subject being [WARNING VIRUS DETECTED] On the other, sender is MAIL DELIVERY SYSTEM, subject VIRUS NOTIFICATION. both e-mails received together.

  toofy 22:20 10 Sep 07

Could someone please set my mind ar rest. My earlier question is still unanswered. I am being sent 2 or 3 e-mail viruses each day. These are captured by AVG Free & I delete them. Whilst this occurs does my pc remain uninfected?

  brundle 22:27 10 Sep 07

Get mailwasher and delete them at the server if you're concerned. click here

Although from what you've said it sounds as if your ISP is trapping the infected emails and just sending you a notification (via an uninfected email)

  toofy 05:57 11 Sep 07

Thanks for replying, brundle. knowing what you say I am less concerned. When I got identical e-mails in 2006 from Mailer dameon etc I clicked on them and read/opened them. I understood that was what infected my pc with a trojan virus. p;3 "sent" me to malwareremoval to get cleaned.
Feedback: when clicking on your suggestion re mailwasher, I clicked on "server" instead of "click here". Doing this gave me a pop-up for IBM Storage Systems.

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