ianeon 22:48 11 Oct 03

Confusion reigns in my head - can someone help please! I run WIN98se with AVG installed as my anti-virus software. I ran Symantics free system check and it reported that I had "Backdoor.trojan" infecting my computer. I then ran the following programmes-AVG;PC-Cillin;Panda & Trend. None of these programmes could find this "Backdoor" trojan.I then downloaded "TrojanRemover" from Simply Super Software, ran this programme it could not find this trojan-Is Symantic wrong? or am I missing something-Please help-Ian

  The Spires 22:55 11 Oct 03

There can always be false positives; the other problem is that having more than one AV program on at a time is a prime culprit for that. I would recommend you remove all traces of Anti-Virus progs off your system & run just one; AVG is as good as any. I do run click here along with my AV which is permissible. Also Anti-Virus programs often aren?t particularly good at detecting some of the lesser known Trojans.

  ianeon 23:13 11 Oct 03

Thank you - I downloaded and ran "The Cleaner" - that gave no idication of trojans. The exact message from the Symantic test was as follows - C:\windows\system\gsb32.exe infected with Backdoor.trojan

  The Spires 23:31 11 Oct 03

There is a thread running with others with similar problem click here

  The Spires 23:41 11 Oct 03

This looks similar - click here

  L@@K @ ME! 23:42 11 Oct 03

Dont panic....Trojans are simply remote severs....once executed they will try to contact a remote client(the attacker)....first thing to check is you firewall,check the log files for any suspicious apps listening to ports,be aware also they tend to emulate trusted apps with names like ieplorer.exe or rundll.exe etc....if your not sure,block everything in the firewall then reboot,then scrutinise anything that tries to contact the net.....if everything checks out ok,you can be fairly sure you don't have a trojan.....Virus scanners only work if their Dat files are updated .Undiscovered trojans are happily running in the backround with Antri-virus software undetected!

  JIM 23:50 11 Oct 03

When symantec free check scan detected files as infected with Backdoor. Trojan,did you have the opportunity to write down the path and file names,of poss trojan for to then Delete.

try the symantec scan again see what appears.

  JIM 23:53 11 Oct 03

Sorry did not look for any update post before i sent.

  JIM 00:23 12 Oct 03

for intrest, press CTRL + ALT + DEL to bring up the Task Manager to see if the gsb32.exe is running when online.

Also do a search on your system for the file gsb32.exe then click on the properties and see who wrote the file.


click here

  JIM 00:26 12 Oct 03

time for bed me thinks :)

  ianeon 04:32 12 Oct 03

Thank you for your help(everyone)-I have learned a tremendous amount-I discovered that "GSB32.exe" is on my start up list and comes from a programme called "GsBVDX" which doesn't seem to be installed on my computer. I have deleted "GSB32" and re-run Symantic which showed a trojan free computer. Once again-thank you for the education-Ian

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