Trojan Sub Seven

  ventanas 08:32 13 Feb 04

On one of my home machines Norton Firewall keeps reporting an attempted attack using this thing. Norton AV reports a clean system.

Not sure if I have the Trojan or not. Would Stinger help with this?

Grateful for any comments.

  VoG II 08:40 13 Feb 04

"attempted attack" - that means your firewall has blocked it. Turn off the alerts and relax.

  Andsome 08:46 13 Feb 04

I agree with Vog, don't complain if your security programs are doing what they are supposed to. There is a world of difference in an attempted attack and a successful one. I leave my alerts on just out of curiosity, and can go several days without an alert, and then get half a dozen within a few hours. Most of the alerts seem to originate from California, Texas and Italy.

  ventanas 08:50 13 Feb 04

Thanks, I will relax.

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