Trojan Horse Generic24 CJGK

  silverdragon41 18 Sep 11

Just had a multiple threat alert. It appeared in c:\Program Files\Online Services\ebay\WizLink.exe. It then appeared in several more in Online Servies. MyPcChoice and MyPcChoiceDK. All in the WizLink.exe. At the speed it was spreading, I thought I did not need those folders, so I deleted them and have not had one since. Running my AVG scan now, but thought I would ask if there was anything else I should do?

I had the same thing today, but so far only one. AVG comes up with an error every time I click "Move to Vault" or "Heal." It says "Action interrupted by user" when I did nothing. Not sure what to do next...

  morddwyd 19 Sep 11

The first thing you should do is stop using your e-mail address on a public forum.

That is an open invitation to spammers and other ne'er-do-wells.

  graphiclineweb 20 Sep 11

This is a really nasty one. I have just fixed a version – generic24.cgol - on my system.

To remove the virus, you need to scan in safe mode. Then manually remove residual 'bit' from infected folders, including your applications settings folder.

At present AV software (including AVG) is not cleaning it out completely. There is more information on my website and some information about what I did to remove the trojan form my infected PC on my tech blog

If possible, I would recommend doing a full re-install on a clean formatted hard drive drive.


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