Trojan Horse

  Daisy22 15:17 16 Mar 08

My OS is XP, I keep getting a message when I start up with flashes up with my anti spyware saying Trojan Horse Downloader.Generic 7.GT

When I go into the AVG programme it tells me the back up copy infected, it is 9kb it is not healable and given the following name of trojan/virus qgwok.t.exe

I've tried a few different anti spyware programmes to see if it gets rid of it, but it doesn't and now the PC is behaving oddly, like not shutting down when I go into "switch off", and sometimes it won't start up, its all very annoying.

Can I get rid of this nasty little thing? If so, how please?

  alan2273 15:21 16 Mar 08

Go to this forum, they will sort you out.

click here

  MAJ 15:22 16 Mar 08

Where does AVG say it is located?

[quote]"it tells me the back up copy infected"[/quote]

Do you mean to say that AVG reports that the infection is in a restore point/file? If so, you'll have to turn off system restore to delete any infected restore points, rescan with AVG and if given the all clear, reactivate system restore and create a new, clean, restore point.

  Daisy22 16:11 16 Mar 08

The AVG virus vault says I have 81 infected files
they are listed in:

c\doc & settings\user qawokt.exe........then there are many like this all with different user nos but all exe files


c\system volume info\restore with a number listed


c\windows system 32\rmwxwo.exe

none of this means anything to me

I have also run windows defender and another anti spyware but neither found anything

My AVG antivirus says the system is clear and running normally

  MAJ 18:13 16 Mar 08

Try the Eset online scan. click here

  Daisy22 18:52 16 Mar 08

thank you i will try that

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