Trojan Downloader BHO.C

  Graham. 14:17 11 Mar 08

Two of my friends have this alert from AVG Free. One of them ran AVG and deleted it, I understand.

The other friend is currently scanning with AVG. Is this widespread at the moment?

  Graham. 19:11 11 Mar 08

Right. My friend says whoever is making these nasties had better stop right now, or he's going to the police. And he means it.

  MAT ALAN 19:16 11 Mar 08

Nice idea, BUT i think its flawed...

  Graham. 19:29 11 Mar 08

They'll be floored if we send the boys round.

  MAT ALAN 19:36 11 Mar 08

click here

this is what the trojan is based on, nafarious at the best of times, rest of the time there a pain in the bum.
SO i'm with ya matey all round to this geezers gaff with a BIG Ammer....

  tullie 19:43 11 Mar 08

As a matter of interest,where would you send them to?But of course your joking arent you.

  MAT ALAN 19:45 11 Mar 08

tullie, god i hope so, me being a big softy n all!!!

  Graham. 19:47 11 Mar 08

From MAT ALAN link, I went for this click here but it's no longer available. Any others?

  Graham. 19:51 11 Mar 08

It's Black Tuesday, apparantly click here

  MAT ALAN 19:56 11 Mar 08

click here

there is this but i cannot vouch for it as i have never used it...if you want PRO help with BHOs

a HJT (available from website)report posted here click here will help...

  Graham. 19:57 11 Mar 08

Found BHODEMON 2.0 click here

I'll give it a whirl (whirled wide web, geddit?)

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