rotormota 09:25 04 Dec 04

I have Spysweeper, SpyBot & Adaware but just downloaded another spy detector, PAL Spyware Remover which found this:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Works Suite\Setup\setuping.dll> Trojan Doli.

This file seems to have been there since I bought the PC so is it a bad one as none of the other spy scanners have found it? I also ask this as it appears from web reviews this PAL Spyware Remover prog. is actually not that good.


  JoeC 09:31 04 Dec 04
  VoG II 09:36 04 Dec 04
  rotormota 10:36 04 Dec 04

Cheers for that folks.

I have done a GoBack to rid of that PAL prog. but is that Trojan Doli something to do with PAL or wot & should I be worried about it if all my other sweepers have never picked it up anyway?

  VoG II 10:50 04 Dec 04

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